Paul Giblin – Ultrarunner – Nathan Athlete

Paul Giblin burst onto the UK ultra scene in 2011, winning his first race on only his second outing. It seems that distance is no object and he’s as comfortable racing the 33-mile road ‘sprints’ as he is with the 100 mile+ trail and mountain races, having taken a number of big course records.

Paul has been selected to run for his country on a number of occasions, proving his class at world level too. When he’s not training and racing he’s supporting other ultra athletes with training support and advice, helping others on their own ultra journey’s.

Paul resides in Glasgow, not far from some of Scotland’s beautiful and rugged landscapes.

In their own words:

  • When I’m not training or competing, I love to

Eat! I’m passionate about plant-based nutrition, so when I’m not running or in the mountains I’m reading about food, planning meals or cooking. I also love to escape in my campervan but that usually ends up with taking a run wherever I stop… that’s not training though, honest! I also support a number of other distance runners with training, and a lot of time goes into designing and managing training plans to help people achieve their running goals. It’s a challenge but it’s been very rewarding so far.

  • A good title for my autobiography would be

Running with Heart

  • What first inspired you to push your potential?

I raced mountain bikes a lot when I was a teenager and always loved the mountains. After running 2 or 3 city 10K races I knew they weren’t going to provide the hit I was needing. Someone mentioned ultra and from there my serious obsession started. I was genuinely excited that there were people out there running 50, 100, 150 miles at a time. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t known about it before. Within a couple of weeks (not having run more than 10K) I signed up for my first ultra, a 53-mile trail race. I found another shorter ultra a month or so before it that would serve as a practice and that’s where it started. I knuckled down to training, reading all I could find about preparation and training. In that first year ran 7 ultras.

  • My pre-race superstition is

Not to talk about any prerace superstitions. None of them matter. Right?

  • One thing I hope to achieve this year is

To turn my fulltime training into some strong results in some of Europe’s big races. Oh, and to get back out to train with my friends in the States.

  • The worst moment I’ve ever experienced in a race is

A DNF at UTMB. I blew my quads with less than a quarter of the race to go, and had to accept that the final descents would have done more damage to me than it was worth. I also froze my eyeballs running a solo challenge a few years ago. That was pretty nasty.

  • My favorite athletic moment or achievement to date is

Taking the course record for the 2nd time at the West Highland Way race. I had a plan and executed it well.

Nathan helps me run stronger and run longer by providing me with the important stuff. I like to run light and Nathan’s products help me to carry only what I need from the hydration vests with just enough space to carry mandatory kit for the likes of UTMB, to the handheld bottles when you’re training or racing with support. The products just work, so I can focus on running stronger and longer.

Paul Giblin